Here’s a treat for today:

You can choose to become informed on the city’s finances and fiscal policy by careful, thoughtful analysis and research by the unfunded, volunteer efforts of TIm Becker here and here.

Or, as is wont in our fair city, you can learn absolutely nothing of substance by reading this Recorder editorial from our professional pundits. Relish their sheer delight as they fail to inform and educate the public on a complex, important issue but, choose instead, to assure their readership remains ignorant and misinformed on the underlying matters, and clearly, it’s a beautiful symbiotic relationship for all parties involved.

Nice to see the print media embracing the very high standards of the radio media when it comes to embracing demagoguery versus contributing informed and thoughtful opinions.

Or even more pathetic, is this: “To me, the best way to fix it is to bring in the herd of locusts, I mean accountants, to straighten that out.” Seriously, WTF.

Please, can someone actually inform and educate the public on this issue or is this the best we can expect?

I’d like to say we need to raise the bar but I think the bar has gone missing.