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4 thoughts on “Copyright Notice

  1. What?! Are you writing of ‘the’ Apple…the Apple computer co.? They wanted to locate in the city and not on the ‘strip’? I must have been living under a rock for the last few months because I did not hear anything about this. If it is ‘the’ Apple how disappointing and foolish our gov’t is (actually, for any business looking to locate in the city rather than the Town/strip and that gets the cold shoulder is sad)! Do they not realize how popular Apple is right now and what kind of consumer traffic that would bring to the city and tax revenue for the city? Our gov’t pats itself on the back about the Bridge St. revitalization (even though they ‘cheaped’ out on putting the power lines underground). Now they pass on putting a new business on their ‘glorious project’. Well, at least they got their project street sign with their names up on the corner of Bridge and Center streets. That’ll do a lot for tourism and tax revenue!

  2. What an amazing opportunity to have a store like apple want to locate themselves in the city of Amsterdam. Unfortunately another business turned away. I moved from Amsterdam due to the lack of jobs available. I was excited when Amsterdam had interest from a technology business that wanted to move into the clock building. The vision was that the company would assist the local college in establishing the proper programs that would enable individuals to have the skills to work within their company. Apple is just another example of Amsterdam being held back from growing. Amsterdam has the ability to grow but cannot if opportunities are not pursued.

  3. Um, you guys don’t understand that Flip made up the Apple thing. He is basically saying that demolishing the Chalmers building is “like” passing on an Apple store and is using it as a parody of the mindsets of certain opinion leaders in the city. And why are these comments on the Copyright page and not with the actual article??? Feel free to delete this post, Flip, it’s just bugging the heck out of me : )

    • Tim,

      I can’t figure out how to move the post and the reason I left it posted is to point out that what should be deemed parody is actually a plausible scenario for Amsterdam. The point of the post is not to draw equivalence between Parking Lot 1000 and an Apple Store but to point how the failure to embrace innovation/risk costs the city and the sway that the status quo holds such sway on our local “leaders” that they will not recognize market shifts.

      I just realized that my response is now expanding the thread in the wrong post which defeats the purpose of your post. Sorry 😉

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