An Outrageous Affront to Taxpayers

As a taxpayer, I’m outraged at how my tax payer dollars are being used to build what I am sure to be Section 8 housing and sure to be low-income rentals for those people. Here is what prompts my outrage:

mayor announces community development block grant award

The City of Amsterdam has just received HUD Community Development Block Grant Award through the New York State Office of Community Renewal.  This grant, in the amount of $400,000, will be utilized to fund a neighborhood revitalization and housing rehabilitation program is a targeted area in the City bounded by Reid Street, Church Street, James Street and Hibbard Street.

The program will provide grants of up to $25,000 per dwelling unit to rehabilitate income qualified owner-occupied homes in the target area, and up to $12,500 per unit for owners of rental property. Qualified owner-occupants will be eligible for grants of up to 100% of the cost of rehabilitating their homes, whereas rental property owners will be required to fund 50% of the repair costs.  The goals of the program are to eliminate code violations and unsafe housing conditions; eliminate blight; assist elderly, disabled, and low income homeowners; improve energy efficiency of homes; improve the appearance of the neighborhood; stimulate private investment; and keep properties in sound condition and on the city tax rolls.


Did we, the taxpayers, not make ourselves heard loudly enough when HUD wanted to fund repurposing Chalmers? Why do our leaders insist on wasting tax payer dollars on socialist Obama programs like HUD versus just tearing it down? No one wants to live in Amsterdam anyway and who is going to pay to live on James Street when you can live in Clifton Park?

I am outraged as a taxpayer!

None of my questions on this project have been answered: Where is the marketing plan for these rental units? Why do homeowners and investors get to make profit off of HUD dollars– my dollars? Why won’t they admit they will all be Section 8 housing? Why don’t we tear it down — that’s the only answer? Is someone out of town going to use HUD money? Is an out-of-towner going to make a PROFIT!!??

Did you know Mayor Thane is secretly hauling bricks out of the houses and selling them on ebay?

No? Well, that’s what I heard!

And what’s this “improve the appearance of the neighborhood”?! This sounds like Agenda 21 , another Obama socialist program. Why do my tax payer dollars get wasted on beautification? THAT’S THE PEOPLE’S TAX MONEY!

Why don’t we listen to our local pundits who righteously deride any effort to beautify or focus on the brand/image of the city? What’s next: marketing?!


We need to tear it all down and then AIDA and the county will market it and then an awesome industry will move in, and then , um, I don’t know, things will turn around because AIDA and the county are turning things around.


It’s too bad George Amedore is no longer our State Senator because he could have redirected this HUD money to pay for infrastructure projects because solving difficult fiscal challenges to localities is merely redirecting money from projects others fought for and acquired versus actually delivering your own fiscal solutions.

Undoubtedly this is another socialist program where — to paraphrase the Randian economic genius of Paul Ryan and Rand Paul —  I, the maker, have my tax dollars go to the takers on James Street and its environs.

And speaking of takers, I see this will help our elderly — the ultimate takers of social security benefits, Medicaid, and even discounts at local restaurants all at my expense. They’re 95% of the 47% problem.

As a taxpayer, I’m utterly outraged.


3 thoughts on “An Outrageous Affront to Taxpayers

  1. I live on South End of Jay St ..I want to live there ..I must admitt I stated getting excited over this project in a negative way without too much thought ..On Bob Cudmore show this morning it was announced that there will be an informational meeting at St Stans Tuesday Janury 29 7:00 PM

  2. It’s wonderful that we will be able to offer this opportunity to improve some of the homes in Amsterdam. I can’t wait to see the money (my money) at work in my hometown. Congratulations to the grant writer who secured the funding – keep up the good work!

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