Tuesday Things

As if Tuesday couldn’t get any better: Tuesday being the day when you get to hear two songs from your favorite artist back-to-back-on the radio — two Meatloaf songs in row! In Rocktober!

Kill me now.

Anyway, a few quick things unrelated to sonic drudgery:

First, tonight brings us the second presidential debate. My inside sources at the White House tell me that Obama had a tough time preparing over the past few days, actually losing a mock debate to Clint Eastwood’s chair. I’ll post my commentary tonight after the debate.

Second, folks are in a huff over the change in water rates. I suggest you read the post by Mayor Thane here. The point is this:

These changes improve the overall fairness of the billing system. The City recognizes that this is a major change and the rates will need to be monitored to assure that the billing is done in a fair manner. It is difficult to assess the impact of a change of this type prior to its implementation. It is expected that users will alter their habits since bills will vary based on usage and that billing will thereby decrease.

I’m always amazed at how changes to complex systems that are known to be non-optimal — unfair, inefficient,biased– somehow get cast as any and all of the following:

Outrageous: yes, it’s always an outrage when something favoring your interests against mine is highlighted and things are brought more in balance. Outrageous for me to point that out and outrageous for me to not want to pay more than my fair share.

Unfair: yes, it’s unfair that you no longer can enjoy a privilege formerly accorded to you and denied to others. In this case, the privilege of paying less than I do and having me subsidize your lower fees. Totally unfair.

Socialist: yes, policies that help a large number or a significant segment of the tax paying population are vile ‘socialist’ policies; on the other hand, policies that favor a few or a certain segment at the expense of the broad tax paying population are the essence of capitalism.

Disastrous: yes, changing the status quo — no matter how undesirable the status quo — leads to economic disaster and ruin. For it certainly can’t be that fair, sound policies encourage growth and development. As it’s 12010, any policy not crafted to benefit the few at the expense of the many is wholly disastrous.

And finally, if you claim to be above the partisan fray and the unequivocal equivalence of the political parties, you can’t then , within a mere nanosecond of echoing the sentiment, launch into a tirade against leftists and liberals. Well, actually you can, it happens all the time — cognitive dissonance be damned.

And final finally, I see Romney pulling ahead in some national polls: does that mean that the  polls all so skewed to favor Obama just last week, magically lost their skew or has the all-powerful liberal media lost hold of its well-orchestrated cabal of polling?

You betcha’!