Walk This Way

An interesting set of maps and statistics on walkability by city. 

For our fair city, it ranks 304th for walkability in cities of 10K to 27.9K in population out of 1000 cities. Overall, that means it’s in the top 30%.

Let me point out the obvious:

1) The policy and ideology driving the city has been and continues to be toward less walkability– not more. If you doubt this, then you should be able to point toward specific initiatives to bring density and walkability back. And I’m sorry but rerouting traffic downtown does not undo deliberate policies and efforts built upon the demise of Amsterdam as a ‘city’ and the embrace of its preordained trajectory of decline.

2) I recognize we cannot travel back in time but we should also recognize that at one point in the past, Amsterdam was a supremely walkable city. Nicely done. Or should I say undone.

3) And what is the punchline to the classic joke” “Why did the Amsterdamian cross the road?”:

Simply this: To hop in his car and get to Route 30.