RIP Doctor Zoidberg — Updated

Update: I mixed up Farnsworth and Zoidberg so headline changed to ‘Doctor’ from ‘Professor’

Update 2: I changed the link to point to the Times Union as the Gazette link is broken. The clip below is from the original Gazette article however

This is too funny:

Police: Amsterdam man returns lobster shell in attempted scam

The punch line:


When staff questioned Tessier about the lobster being eaten, police said he grabbed the sack of crab legs and ran from the store, police said.

Police located Tessier at his home a while later, and found he’d already eaten the crab legs.

PS I have a feeling this story may go nationally as it was just posted about by Jonathan Turley, the Constitutional law professor, on his blog. I’ll admit to a bit of shock in seeing a link emanating from his blog to my blog as I read him regularly and watch him on the tele. The wonders of the Internets…

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  1. Wow, that is genius. My question is, though, how long did it take for the police to respond, that he was able to get home, cook the the legs and consume them all before they arrived?

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